Ifram Nor

I am of Somali origin but I was…

Published on May 07, 18 | See more

Mario Molteni, Scientific Director at CSR Manager Network

Why has the CSR network decided to support…

Published on Feb 27, 18 | See more

Edna Moallin Abdirahman, FADV Action Group Member

Why did you decide to participate to the…

Published on | See more

Youssif Ouro-Akondo, HIMILO Action Group Member

l was born on the 3rd of January…

Published on Aug 31, 17 | See more

Sarah Osman, HIMILO Action Group Member

Female Genital Mutilation – one of the most…

Published on | See more

Miriam Corciulo, HIMILO Action Group Leader

My name is Miriam Corciulo and I am…

Published on Aug 30, 17 | See more

Samsam Mohamud, HIMILO Action Group Member

My name is SamSam. I was born and…

Published on | See more

Lia Lombardi, Steering Group’s member

One of the aims of this project is…

Published on Oct 10, 16 | See more

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