Used for Samsam Mohamud's story, HIMILO Action Group Member

Samsam Mohamud, HIMILO Action Group Member

My name is SamSam. I was born and raised in Somalia and I was circumcised when I was 6-year-old. FGM is part of Somali girls’ life. In Somalia almost every girl has been through this painful tradition. When I was attending the School of Nursing in Mogadishu I have seen several women suffering health problems due to their circumcision. I personally had bad experience during menstruation, sex and delivery. I have three children: two girls and one boy. My husband and me want to protect our daughters and we decided to not circumcise our 2-year-old and 5-year-old daughters.
I also joined the campaign against FGM in the Netherlands and I was trained as facilitator by FSAN. I organize information meetings for communities at different levels and now I am one of the Action Group members for the CHAT project. I am committed to help the Positive Deviants during their activities of Behavior Change and other activities related to the CHAT project.

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