Used for Sarah Osman's story, HIMILO Action Group Member

Sarah Osman, HIMILO Action Group Member

Female Genital Mutilation – one of the most severe and sensitive topics in my culture. Even though this tradition exists, I am still proud of my culture. My culture is in my eyes as beautiful as the coasts and mountains in Somalia. No matter how many seas and forests are between me and my Motherland, I will still feel a deep connection with Somalia.

Female Genital Mutilation – a painful and deep-rooted tradition that traumatizes and scars many young girls, literally and figuratively. It can seriously harm a victim psychologically and physically. As a medical student I am particularly interested in the human body and health. Female Genital Mutilation is a practice that intersects with not only personal health but also disciplines in public health. This is something that really intrigues me, in addition to my already existing desire to participate in this project. The fact that this project focuses on a tradition that lives in my culture is a strong motivation as well.

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