Used for Youssif Ouro-Akondo's story, HIMILO Action Group Member

Youssif Ouro-Akondo, HIMILO Action Group Member

l was born on the 3rd of January 1960 in the town called Kpalime-kloto in the Republic of Togo. My parents moved to a town called Hohoe in the Volta Region of Ghana in February 1963. I had my basic, primary and middle school education in Hohoe Albarka school and moved on to E.P. secondary school to pursue my secondary education. I obtained the SC/GCE O’Level in June 1979. In March 1980 l left the shores of Ghana to Nigeria to further continue my education at Idolowu High School in Eko-Lagos where l obtained the SC/GCE A’ Level certificate in 1983. In April 1984, l went to pursue a career in Interior designs and decoration with an Italian company- Krammer Italo in Lagos- Nigeria. l worked with this company till 1990. I left the shores of Nigeria for the Netherlands in December 1992 and was living in Amsterdam ever since. I decided to join the campaign against FGM due to my childhood experience, where l witnessed two young girls bled to death due to the FGM. I also had some training about FGM from FSAN.

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