Used for Miriam Corciulo's story, HIMILO Action Group Leader

Miriam Corciulo, HIMILO Action Group Leader

My name is Miriam Corciulo and I am 29 years old. I grew up in Italy and I moved to Holland four years ago to study Cultural Anthropology at University in Utrecht. In 2014 I got my Master degree in Cultural Anthropology where I extended my knowledge and experience in gender issues. The theme of my Master thesis was FGM: meaning and change”. During my research I came in contact with a vast network of African people coming from FGM practicing communities. I have been working for 9 months as project assistant of CHANGE Plus, an European project against FGM and I really like it. This is why I also love to join the CHAT project as Action Group leader as I really want keep on giving my contribution for the cause of FGM.

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