Private sector involvement

New global challenges, migratory fluxes and social-economical changes require the private sector to elaborate new intervention strategies, capable of generating win-to-win results, by linking economical objectives to social ones.

The promotion of equality, in all its forms, has its effects on workers’ rights and in the territories where these operate and allows to enhance woman’s contribution to the economical development of the community, as is expressed by the 7 Women’s Empowerment Principles of the UN, according to which female empowerment is essential to the private sector, in order to:

  • Strengthen economy.

  • Promote a better social justice.

  • Become adequate to the international standards of sustainable development.

  • Actively promote human rights.

  • Improve the quality of life for women, men, families and communities.

Main Activities:

  • Engagement of SMEs & industries, which are interested in orienting their corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies to contrast Gender Based Violence and FGM in partner countries.

  • Foster the creation of “outcome funding proposals” by SMEs and Industries in order to award outstanding and effective projects finalized to FGM prevention.

CSR against FGM in Europe

Via Rontgen, 1 20136 Milano

04 Oct 2016 h.12.00

2016-10-04 12.00 2016-10-04 Europe/Rome CSR against FGM in Europe


Private sector and Corporate Social Responsability can have a leading role in facing social problems and preventing female genital mutilation. We will discuss together about this during the 4th edition of the Salone dell’Innovazione Sociale at Bocconi University, an important opportunity to meet companies, non-profit associations, experts, teachers, students and other leading bearers of interest concerning the future of sustainability.
The focus of 2016 will be change, cohesion and competitiveness.
On October, 4 2016 Fondazione L’Albero della Vita and some of the protagonists of the CHAT project will introduce to the audience more information about FGM and how no profit and private sector can work together  to create shared value.
Download the agenda of the event and the corporate involvement brochure
Find more information and pictures of the activity here

Via Rontgen, 1 20136 Milano CHAT

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Webinar on the role of the Private sector against FGM

CSR Network website

14 Sep 2016 h.10.00

2016-09-14 10.00 2016-09-14 Europe/Rome Webinar on the role of the Private sector against FGM

The professional webinar, organised by CSR Manager Network and Fondazione L’Albero della Vita, will introduce CHAT  – Changing Attitude. Fostering Dialogue to prevent FGM, the European project against Female Genital Mutilation, and will explain to the companies how to collaborate to fight the problem.

During the 30 minutes webinar, participants from the private sector will learn more in general about Female Genital Mutilation, their role in the communities at risk living in Europe and their implications.

The webinar is open to the public and free, but it is necessary to confirm the presence sending an e-mail to:

At the scheduled time, please click here and then select the option CHIAMA TRAMITE COMPUTER to join the webinar.


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