A co-development strategy implies immigrants should play a key role as actors and vectors of development, in both the society of origin and in the host society, leading to a win-to-win process.

By supporting migrants’ associations in Europe, we create links with the countries of origin in order to promote projects on a small scale that tackle harmful practices against women.

Main Activities:

  • Involvement of Embassies and Consulates of countries practicing FGM to support and promote co-development workshops among citizens.

  • Implementation of a cycle of workshops focused on co-development and on its application in the prevention of FGM in the various communities.

Co-development Workshop


12 May 2018 h.10:00

2018-05-12 10:00 2018-05-12 Europe/Rome Co-development Workshop

The 12th of May 2018, in Fondazione L ‘Albero della Vita headquarters a workshop on co-development has been held. The workshop concludes a path of engagement of migrant associations in order to strengthen their skills in managing their organization, to raise their voice and to be more effective in their action. The following organizations took part to the workshop:

ARNI – ASSOCIATION DES RESSORTISSANTS DE NGUITH EN ITALIE: born in 1991 in Naples. It gives support for migrants arriving in Italy from Burkina Faso.

AISHA PROJECT: born in Milan in 2016, it becomes an Association in 2017. Its goal is to implement preventive activities against gender violence and discrimination against women, both Muslims and non-Muslims.

AFRIACA CULTURAL ASSOCIATION: born in Milan. Its main activities are the integration, the training and the education of migrants.

UMMI – ITALIAN MUSLIM MOMS UNION: born in 2014 in Milan. Its aim is to unite Muslim and non-Muslim mothers. It offers support in education and health sectors.

ADMI – ASSOCIATION OF MUSLIM WOMEN OF ITALY: born in 2002. It implements activities linked to the problems that Muslim women have to face in Italy.

AMEB MOTHER AND CHILD CARE: born in 2012 in Milan. It works for the scholastic integration and it carries out co-development activities in Somalia.

ROSA DEL DESERTO: born in 2005 in Milan, it offers support to Moroccan women who are in a situation of hardship. It offers support mainly in Italy, with the collaboration of the Moroccan Ministry. It has collaborated with the Municipality of Milan and with the Lombardy Region.

EGITALIA ASSOCIATION FOR THE FIRST GENERATION: born in Bresso (in province of Milan) in 2005. It carries out education and development activities for children born in Italy through post-school courses.

The Workshop – held by the expert Sara Franzoso – considered different aspects from how no profit sector is organized, to how to get public and private funding to the concept of co-development, the importance of diaspora associations. Finally, it provides with basic knowledge on project designing and propose a small scale project exercise.

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