Co-development guidelines for community engagement

The document has been prepared in order to…

Published on Nov 23, 18 | See more

Training Modules

The steering group of experts, engaged in the…

Published on Nov 19, 18 | See more

Video of the Project

The aim of this video is to promote…

Published on May 07, 18 | See more

Corporate involvement factsheet

The aim of the document is to raise…

Published on Feb 26, 18 | See more

Corporate involvement video

A short and evocative video realized to introduce…

Published on Sep 27, 16 | See more

Il Salone della CSR e dell’Innovazione Sociale – Agenda

Read about the list of participants and contributions…

Published on Sep 23, 16 | See more

Corporate involvement brochure

Published on Sep 14, 16 | See more

CSR involvement proposal

A document describing the role of private sector…

Published on Sep 10, 16 | See more

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